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Are you a novice in www industry? Let us tell you about what is a domain registration and its importance for a website, what is a domain and its value online? A domain is a name for your website or a symbol that represent you online on the web. Your domain name represent you to the whole world and the nature of your business as well. So, it’s very important for you when choosing a domain name for your website.

Popular Domain Names:

In this technology era, .com is most commonly registered domain. However, other domain extensions have their own values. If you are running a business .biz domain present your website as a business website. Generally educational institute come with .edu domain. At Karachi Web Hosting, we are offering different kind of domain name extensions. Choose your desired extension and let us know for the registration of your domain name.

How to know the availability of domain name?

If you want to register a domain name, first you have to make sure that it’s available or not? For this, just go to karachiwebhosting.com and type domain name in the domain search box. If, the domain is available you can register it as your own, if not you have to choose another suitable domain name for your website. The domain extension .pk are also searchable in the search bar.

.PK Domain Name:

If you are running a business in Pakistan, domain name with .pk extension would be best and suitable for you. Recently Google has updated his ranking factors. Now, website that has SSL certificated installed for security and county code domain name would have edge on their competitors. Google would rank well those domain who meet there criteria. However, if your website is about blogspot or social networking in Pakistan, select the appropriate name for your domain like blogpakistan.com. Your domain name tells the others about the nature of your website. Select a name which can be easily remember and check the spellings of your domain twice before registration because it cannot be undo if you did any mistake.

How to Select a Perfect Domain name?

When registering a domain, avoid any numbers, lengthy names, difficult to remember words in domain name. If you are a business owner in Pakistan, Use domain names that represent and promote your business. Most Common domain name would be good choice, however you can register domain for geographically targeted internet traffic.

You can use .pk, .com.pk domains.

For a business in all over the world or outside of Pakistan you can use .com, .org, .us. These Domain names are very likely and most of the people use them as domain extensions.

Don’t use any domain name that have copyright laws, otherwise you’ll get serious legal notices from the owner of that particular domain name. For example if you use railwaypakistan.com you’ll denied the copyright law of Pakistan Railway and it shouldn’t be done.

Differentiate Hosting & Domain:

While registering a domain, keep in mind that domain registration and web hosting are two different things. You can register your domain with any registrar and get a separate hosting from any other company. KWH presenting platform where blend of domain and hosting is available under the title of affordable web hosting packages in Karachi. You are the owner of your domain and would have full access on the your hosting stuff with KWH. Latest Version of cPanel, Plesk Panle and WHMCS would make your life easy and it would be fun to mange your hosting.

Check your email address after registering your domain with us. Keep your domain locked for insurance of security of your domain. Keep a record of your domain renewal date and renew it before expiry date in order to save your website from expire and shut down.

Karachi Web Hosting is offering free domain .com, .net, .org and .info with every package. If you are a business man and want a website for your business our business package is best and suitable option for you in which you can have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited email accounts.

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