PKNIC prepaid cards (Pin Code) can be used to register or renew any .pk ccTlds – Country Code Top Level Domains for Pakistan. PKNIC main registry of .PK domain has set tow why of renewing Pakistani country code domain extension. You can renew your domain after visiting PKNIC office or even renew it at your home if you have .PK domain Panle and a PKNIC Card.

Why PKNIC only for .PK Domain

PK domain is reserved only of citizens of Pakistan. The PKNIC handle thousand of new .pk domain registration operations every year. To make renew process of .pk domain convenient registry has set an online renewal system that credited with PKNIC card. Only Pakistani domain can renew by this way.

Card consist of following Details:

Pin: ****
Card: **********
Serial: ******

Compelte detials has been guided to all clients with graphics. Ever newbie can understad well that how to use PKNIC card for pakistani domain renewal? Each card is valid for a 2 years pk domain registration or renewal.

Client mat register any domain that has .pk domain estention. AS SRS Reseller of PKNIC we do offer cheap PKNIC Cards in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, acorss Paksitan. weather you need single card or you are a hosting provider who is looking for looking to buy bulk quantity, we can offer you best prices for .pk domain cards. These cards are good for registration or renewal of .pk,,,,, and

Why use PKNIC Prepaid Cards?

PKNIC domain cards are the easiest way to register a new domain or renew an already registered .pk domain. When you buy a PK domain name regsitraiotn fime frame is always for tow you. This card credited your domain panel provide by registry. If you register yourself with PKNIC registry and never want to visit registry office for renew our domain then you can get PKNIC card from us. We as SRS member of PKNIC been providing cheap PKNIC card in Pakistan since we are are operating as web hosting company in Pakistan. Not only PKNIC but Server solution. From Least shared web hosting to full fleded dedicated server, you may grab any hosting plan unser the survilence of stronged and trained web hosting support team that handle strongest server in Pakistan.

Get PKINC Card From KWH:

Unlike other common domain names PK domain registry has taken some good steps and allow its client to get their any PK domain name registered and renewed without hassles. Registry make pk domain registration and renewal easy enough without any help of 3rd party domain hosting company, you simply need to buy PKNIC prepaid card(s) to register a new domain name or to renew any older one you already have under your own domain panel but main benefit of this PKNIC card is that you can renew any domain name issued by PK registry whether that is registered under your own domain panel or registered by some one else.



What are the main things to have in PKNIC prepaid card?

1. Prepaid Card Code
2. Pin of the card issuer company
3. Serial Number

How to use PKNIC Prepaid?

It is very easy to use PKNIC card to top up your pk domain panel with the balance of registering domain names.

To add balance in your own PK domain panel to register a domain

Login to your PKNIC domain panel and follow steps given in the image.

pknic prepaid cards

pknic prepaid cards

then as per given code and pin on your bought card, you will insert in the next step as per below image.

how to use pknic card

how to use pknic card

Use PKNIC Prepaid Card to renew a PK domain domain from within your panel or a domain under any other panel.

on first step browse this url:

pk domain registry

pk domain registry

you will then redirected to below page, view image to have instructions

pk domain renewal

pk domain renewal


Here you will be asked to insert the Prepaid Card Code and Pin of the card issuer company, once after inserting correct particular, that specific domain would be renewed for next 2 years, you may even renew a pk domain for more than 2 years too by using more PKNIC Prepaid Cards

NOTE: 1 PKNIC prepaid card is valid to register or renew a domain for 2 years.

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