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As we believe in acquiring, welcoming and entertaining in more clients despite selling services in higher prices which is directly proportional to lesser number of buyers so when you will land on any of our service’s page, you must be sure that the mentioned prices are cheapest in the world market and specifically in Pakistan. Like Web Hosting, VPS Server in Pakistan and Domain name Registration, you will experience us as most reliable and in budget pricing tiers company for reselling all PK registry based services including PKNIC Prepaid cards. Our major distinction is that we do not include extra fees, tax and hidden charges but you have to pay what is listed straightforwardly. This is the main reason, we are renowned and top seller of PKNIC prepaid Cards not only in Karachi but also people around the world and main cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and Sialkot prefer us.

Why PKNIC only for .PK Domain

A multinational entity which actually belong to Pakistan acquired and maintained all Pakistani ccTlds operations through ICANN in year 1992 like most of other cctlds by their respective countries. From that time registry has started selling and managing any local suffix including most common line .pk,, and, educational extensions like and all other federal and provincial suffix too. It has the authority to generate more extensions onw its own discretion. So while doing this business, to run it legally and smoothly, time to time, registry made so many changes and inserted some restrictions. In the same way to make their sale more promoted and convenient, they, not only offer direct means of selling Pakistan domains but also authorized various SRS member to be reseller for such. This experiment was successful and as a result about every year recorded increase of PKNIC domains is more than 10%. So this way you must understand that PKNIC is the main entity and all other providers like us are the reseller where every reseller has its own process, means you will obtain the same style of service from every registrar but charges could be higher or lower.

Card consist of following Details:

Pin: ****
Card: **********
Serial: ******

Complete details have been guided to all clients with graphics. Ever newbie can understand well that how to use PKNIC card for Pakistani domain renewal? Each card is valid for a 2 years PK domain name registration or renewal. Clients may register any domain that has .pk domain extension in it. AS SRS Reseller of PKNIC, we do offer lowest costs, weather you need single card or you are a hosting provider who is looking for buying bulk quantity, we can offer you best rates.

Who Should buy PKNIC Prepaid Cards?

PKNIC process to obtain credit into account is so hefty and took much more time so despite wasting your time and waiting more, choose a reseller or hosting provider who is the direct reseller and offer you bulk pricing. So once after buying, these cards will be credited your domain panel provide by registry. If you register yourself with PKNIC registry and never want to visit registry office for renew our domain then you can get PKNIC card from us too. We as SRS member of PKNIC been providing cheap PKNIC card in Pakistan since we are are operating as web hosting company in Karachi. From Least shared web hosting to full fledged dedicated server, you may grab any hosting plan under the surveillance of stronger and trained web hosting support team that handle strongest server in Pakistan.

Get PKINC Card From KWH:

Unlike other common domain names PK domain registry has taken some good steps and allow its client to get their any PK domain name registered and renewed without hassles. Offering these PKNIC Prepaid Card, Registry make .PK Domain Registration and renewal process easy enough without any help of 3rd party domain hosting company, you simply need to buy PKNIC prepaid card(s) to register a new domain name or to renew any older one you already have under your own domain panel but main benefit of it is that you can renew any domain name issued by PK registry whether that is registered under your own domain panel or registered by some one else.


What are the main things to have in PKNIC prepaid card?

1. Card Code
2. Pin of the card issuer company
3. Serial Number

How to use PKNIC Prepaid?

It is very easy to use PK cards to top up your pk domain panel with the balance of registering domain names.

To add balance in your own PK domain panel to register a domain

Login to your PK Registry domain panel and follow steps given in the image.

pknic prepaid cards

pknic prepaid cards

then as per given code and pin on your bought card, you will insert in the next step as per below image.

how to use pknic card

how to use pknic card

Use PKNIC Prepaid Card to renew a PK domain domain from within your panel or a domain under any other panel.

on first step browse this url:

pk domain registry

pk domain registry

you will then redirected to below page, view image to have instructions

pk domain renewal

pk domain renewal


Here you will be asked to insert the Prepaid Card Code and Pin of the card issuer company, once after inserting correct particular, that specific domain would be renewed for next 2 years, you may even renew a pk domain for more than 2 years too by using more PKNIC Prepaid Cards

NOTE: 1 PKNIC prepaid card is valid to register or renew a domain for 2 years.

We are the best seller of PKNIC prepaid cards in Pakistan and selling them to main domain and hosting companies located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad and about all the cities of Pakistan.

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