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Linux Dedicated Server in Pakistan!

Karachi Web Hosting presenting linux dedicated server designed to maximize the performance on handling heavy traffic workload. KWH Linux dedicated server has strong hardware infrastructure for amazingly fast speed together with reliable uptime. Most importantly you would able to choose your dedicated server from reliable data center of the world that host our server. USA, Canada, and Netherlander choice is all yours. Get rid of the hassle of managing and maintaining your share hosting and limited bandwidth that disturb you while your web performing well. Dedicated Server owner at Karachi web Hosting would  Enjoy 24/7/365 dedicated professional support. With high performance, reliability and full redundancy, our servers are designed to exceed your business needs.

More Advance Dedicated Server?

Our Linux Dedicated Server hosting plans in Pakistan typically work well for most development. But if you need anything more advanced, please Contact Us or send a quick message to

Get Dedicated Server Hosting in Karachi!

Always troubled by a Server Downtime in your website traffic? Say good bye to this problem as now you’ve got unlimited bandwidth which will never let your site or large amount of traffic down. A full fledged dedicated server with root access will be in your control.

Seeking More Advance Dedicated Server?

All Karachi Web Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting Include:

We offer high-performance dedicated servers that can ensure maximum availability of your website.Unlimited Data Transfer Doesn’t matter local or international bandwidth. Boost server bandwidth up to 100Mbps internet Bandwidth. Our Data Centre in 3 different locations of the world including USA is designed to meet the stringent demand of web hosting customers.

Best Server Performance:

The cutting edge server optimized and greatly improved, the owner of server would definitely would never share there resources with others as like shared server or VPS. A Dedicated Server gives you excellent reliability and high server availability. By Getting a dedicated server plan at KWH full flegged server that will have root-level access allowing you to install anything and everything you require to power your website.

Resources Fully Utilized

You have more resources when you need and it won’t be worry on sharing bandwidth and disk space with other websites users. You are in charge and in control. You make all your hosting decisions. Enjoy unprecedented support with our Linux Dedicated servers, with our readily-available 24/7 Dedicated Support team for your server’s storage, performance and hardware administration. Full control and functionality over your websites, domains, emails, files and many more all with the cPanel. Instant High Speed And Rock-Solid Servers. All our Instant Dedicated Servers use the latest hardware technologies loaded with physical memory of customer choice, Intel Quad Core processors and 2 X 2TB Enterprise SATA hard disks. Your website can handle heavy workload without problem with the fast processors and you can easily multitasking with high RAM capacity. We understand that efficiency is the key to success in today’s digital world. When you purchase online, your server will be ready after just 1 Hours of Lighting-Fast Setup.

Reliable Dedicated Server Engineers’ Support

Your server is being monitored 24×7 by our professional servers’ engineers. All your problems will be diagnosed and solved swiftly. Dedicated Server Support Team. Our Managed Dedicated Server hosting comes with Dedicated Support. Committed to never let down customer at any cost We provide technical support via Email, Phone Call and live chat Help. Karachi Web 24/7/365 Server Monitoring team put an eagle eye on server performance and security, especially during traffic spike. Our team will always be there for you including public holidays over email.

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