29 Jun

Advantages of dedicated Windows server

Dedicated server hosting based on Windows operating system provides with a lot of benefits. It is the excellent hosting platform for any website. The Windows dedicated servers offer the users with complete control and a magnitude of dedicated resources at an affordable price as the server hardware and software is rented. The benefits of a
Windows dedicated server can be enhanced by signing for a managed dedicated server. Any popular website will benefit from this type of access in order to ensure the speed and uptime. With Windows dedicated server hosting, the control can be maintained and website capacity can be enhanced resulting in effective functioning. The dedicated servers managed on the Windows operating system, provide the website administrators with various benefits; the main benefits are listed below.

The Microsoft office files are used in all the major services, a Windows dedicated server is best for acquiring MS Office services. A Windows dedicated server also provides complete support for Microsoft based web development tools like FrontPage. The process of information sharing also becomes very easy if it is run through the Microsoft’s service platform known as SharePoint. Windows dedicated servers provide support for MS Access, Microsoft Visual Basic and MS SQL software applications. A built-in support is provided for the databases through Microsoft Access and MS SQL. Additional support is offered for the .NET technologies that are widely used for software framework development. A Windows dedicated server is an absolute necessity while working with websites that are created using the .NET technology. In order to gain the maximum benefits of a Windows dedicated server; it is advisable to opt for a managed dedicated server. With a managed dedicated server, the web host will take care of monitoring the server and scaling the hosting resources and thereby server uptime will be maintained.

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