07 Jul

Search Engine optimization Secrets

I will give you some more tips on search engine optimization, first if you are working on strategy
to put your link in each website where is comment option and leave a link in that hope that it will
generate back link in this website for you in future and it will increase your ranking
that is very funny indeed,if you dont see the website current reputation and current ranking
and just in hurry to leave comments inside it along with your website link that is not rigt, always try
to leave a back link in that website which has good reputation in search engine in this way your back link
will be worth, dont beleive in quantity of back link always try to build quality of back link
,another important tip i want to give you here if you are working on wordpress website , i mean you install
wordpress in your current hosting always avoid to put unnecessary tags and key words,yes if you think
if you generate and write more and more attractive words as tags and key word so user can come at your page
and your traffic increase and you dont care whether content is exist according to tag and keyword you will
not loosing your reputation in google search engine you will also loose trust in your client , they will not
come back again at your website because they will not trust on you
I know most of the web developer and website owner are hungary for earning dollar online and they try to inject
as much google adsense code and infolinks , chitika and other as they can, But i advise you this poilcy is not fair
and Google search engine specially know each and every thing, he can judge your page and ranked accordingly,I must clear
more dont create web page and website for just ads only , google know the formate , create page very informative for
users and put as much related information as you can and posiitive information and page which also include
conclusion will gain high rank
,another very important topic dont use rewriter software, which are often available free of cost on internet
they really really translate the entire article in such a very funny way if any user reach at your page due to
fresh content etc,once he will read he will not laugh at this page he will also laugh of entire website and owner of web
site,your this funny attempt will downgrade your website, i will tell you some more precious search engine tips next time stay
in touchs

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