24 Jun

Tips for indexing your website fast

Almost all webmaster dreams is to get indexing fast , specially in google indexing are their first priority,so what are the best ways to indexing fast, here are some tips
ou know that your pages will show up in the search engine results only when they are indexed by the search engines. Getting them indexed is the only way for people browsing the internet to find you. The reason you should be paying attention to whether Google has indexed your pages is to also know if Google has penalized you, in which case, the pages will not show up in Google search.
Attention on the structure of your website:
Pay attention to the subpages of your site to ensure easy accessibility by the search engine bots. Create a sitemap page that has links to all the other pages of the website and also place a link to it on the home page. Link to the deep pages of your website from the home page as this also helps in getting crawled faster. Although, there is a controversy on this point, and some say that the sitemap may not help with indexing, it is a good idea to create a sitemap, as it helps in many “other” ways too.
Incoming Links of your website:
Google gives importance to the number of incoming links, where they are coming from and the quality of the sites they are coming from, and getting links from the right sites helps with the Page Rank. The higher the Page Rank of your website, the faster Google bots will crawl your site and index it. It is also important to get links to the deeper pages of your website, and not just the home page. Every page on the website should be reachable from at least one text link.
quality of content of your website:

always write your own content and dont use copy and paste of ther website contents or any shape pilgrims,Google is the worst enemy of duplicate content and your website goes down tremendously and if you think just increasing your number of posts and articles by copy pasting from other websites this is wrong philosphy,always write your own fresh content, this is the first and basic rule, if you write your own content google search engine will search you where every you reside or where ever you fall

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