23 Jun

what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – is considered a more technical part of internet marketing as it does help promoting sites but it also demands some technical skills, at least basic HTML knowledge. SEO is also been referred to as SEO copywriting as the majority of the used methods in promoting the websites within the search engines are dealing with text. SEO is the activity of website optimization making the sites search engine-friendly and consequently obtaining a higher position within the search results.

The fact is that even if you do all what is needed in SEO that still doesn’t guarantee a top position in the search results, however if you fail to follow some simple rules it is going to be remarked. You will be much more comfortable with your results and more satisfied if you set reasonable goals, such as get listed in the top 30 search results in Google for a specific keyword instead of grabbing the top position for ten keywords in five different search engine results.

SEO will help you driving more traffic to a particular website, but it is still not advertising. You can be included if you want in paid search results for some specific keywords but the main idea in SEO techniques is to obtain a top position due to the relevancy of a specific search term and not because you have paid for it.
SEO activity might a one hour job or a never-ending one. In some cases you only need some general SEO for a very good placement in search engines, for instance when you have limited competition for singular keywords. In such case, even if you are not doing much you will still have a fairly good placement. However, most frequently, for a top placement you need to pay extra attention to SEO requiring a considerable amount of time and effort. Even if you are just performing some simple SEO techniques it is still very important to be aware of how search engines work and what aspect are really essential in SEO.

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