25 May

For what BLOG is?

what exactly is a blog ? In general term, you can view it as an online diary or online journal, similar to the diary book that you write down things that happen in the day before you go to sleep. When blog was introduced, it was intended for the purpose of keeping an online diary for individuals, the concept was so well accepted and the usage of blogs is no longer limited to just keeping personal notes, with the extended functionalities to enable the blog owner to communicate with blog readers, smart and fast thinking individuals has used it as an effective channel to show case their talent. For example, a photographer keeps an updated catalog of his/her best photography work in a blog, blog readers are welcome to comment on his work and perhaps there may just be some potential clients attracted by the posted work in the blog and handed a contract to the photographer.
This has caught the attention of small companies to large corporates as they began to know that blog is an effective channel to tighten the relationship with the client base. In a short period of time, blogs on product updates, company news blog and even company CEO’s blog started to mushroom.

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